1. Standard Delivery Times of Goods and Services Product Purchases:

Our Products are sourced and printed from our Printing partners based in USA. Therefore, it takes 7-10 Days for the purchased items to reach your doorstep.

2. Returns and Exchange:

A product has Defected: All defected products are covered under 10 Days Money Back guarantee guidelines and are applicable for the replacement of the product.

3. Order Cancellations:

Orders are confirmed upon payments and processed after 3 hours or sometimes it takes long. Therefore, you have a time duration of 3 hours to cancel the order. Once, you have cancelled the order, we refund the Amount back to you. Processing Fee of 3.5% is Deducted from this Amount and given back to you. Please have in mind that we do not keep this Amount to ourselves but this is deducted by E-Payment Gateways, Payment processing Company etc.

4. Refunds:

10 Days Money Back Guarantee Once the order is processed and a T-Shirt or any other Apparel is printed for the User, it is shipped and cannot be returned unless one of the following is true: – T-Shirt / Garment is defected/torn. – T-Shirt / Garment gets turned within 10 Days of being used. – Printing is of lesser quality and gets washed off. 15 Days Money Back Guarantee is also applicable only if either of the Above conditions is true.

5. Privacy and Security:

We understand the Importance of Privacy to you as an Individual and/or as Business.

  • Cookies

We Advertise on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook and Other Advertisement platforms such as Google. Therefore, we seldom need to Install Cookies on browsers to track user Interests. However, when we install Cookies, we do that with your Approval as a User and/or Business. This is done on visiting our website which instructs users of using Cookies if they need to use our website. In the case of not approving of this, users can always delete the Cookies from their Browsers and not use our services or visit the website in future

  • User Data

User Data used for Contacting and Shipping to the User is kept at our end and not shared on a manual basis with external parties. We ensure user security as long as we can manage it on our end.

  • Security and SSL

We use secure connections i.e https on all levels of the website. This is to ensure that user data is kept secure at the highest level.

  • Email News Letters

We send Newsletters to you with your Permission. If you want to stop receiving Newsletters from us, you have the Option to do that on the Footer of every Newsletter Email.

  • Transaction currencies

We Accept Payments in USD Customer Data is stored on Checkout Page / Marchants Database (Email Address, Contact Number) and used for processing orders. It is not used for anything we have not mentioned in our Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy.