Cageys.com makes Creative Family Tees such as Printed T-Shirts along with other Merchandise to go with it. Our Objective is to make local culture part of Art so people can relate to it and it resonates with them. We make available to you High Quality T-Shirt Designs printed onto cotton T-Shirts that last longer and are of International Standards.

Our most of the Artists around the world create beautiful creative family tees. Moreover, our mission is to create cageys.com to the best t shirt designs website.  

We are also working very hard to bring the most coolest toddler clothes on our website where parents can find graphic tees for toddlers.

Quality and Durability

For us, the very basis of coming out with a Custom Printed T Shirt Brand lies on letting people to get their Custom Printed T Shirts done in High-Quality.

Our Designs are printed with DTG Technology which uses Pigment Inks that binds itself onto the fabric and goes through Multiple pretreatment processes so the Designs stay intact onto the T-Shirts and don’t washout.

Previously, people have been doing Heat Press Printing which involved printing the Design on a heat transfer paper which was then heat pressed onto the shirt/garment. This did not work well on Dark Garments due to its translucent dye; colors of which would only stand out on light fabrics. Printers also used substandard vinyl papers for transferring of Designs which resulted in Printing not being durable and would washout in no time.

Therefore, it is one of our core objectives to provide to people the Quality of Design Printed onto the Fabrics. Out T-Shirts are provided with a guarantee of 50 washes for Design to be completely intact with the T-Shirt and not washout like how it would with other types of printing.

Ease of Customizations

We Allow and Enable you to Get Customized, Unique High Quality Printing done on T-Shirts or Other Garments very Easily through our Website.

All you have to do is Submit your Designs though our Custom T-Shirt Printing Page along with other Required Details and let us take care of the rest.

Why was this Difficult to Do Earlier

Ease of Customization had been difficult to achieve due to the types of printing available to locals previously

Most People had been making use of Heat Press printing for which cons have been mentioned above.

Others have been using Screen Printing / Silk Screen printing for replication of Designs. However, it is most suited to mass production of T-Shirts and if you wanted a single or unique Design for yourself, this method is not at all feasible due to high cost associated with the first T-Shirt printed with this method.

Dye Sublimation is another form of printing which worked well with light garments. However, it only worked on materials like polyester and worked really bad on fabrics such as cotton.


We make use of DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing which requires deep Knowledge and expertise of using Textile Inks and the DTG Printers used in the process.

Conventional CMYK Inks in combination with White Ink are used to get the highest quality of Prints which last longer than other forms of printing.

Work with Us

We aim to analyze needs and wants of the Locals first.

Therefore, we are starting small so we can analyze and get to know what people want and don’t get easily in Pakistan.
This we aim to do through Original Designs inspired by Locals and Artists and Individuals from other parts of the World.